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Mission Grant Descriptions

Kingdom Kids’ Camp at Lutheran Valley Retreat

A week of camp can change the life of a child. Located in the Rocky Mountains north of Florissant, CO, Lutheran Valley Retreat’s mission is to share God’s grace and glory in His creation. This grant would subsidize a week of camp for 20 children in the foster care system. Activities at camp include archery, hiking, Bible studies, campfire devotions and fishing. The campers will also have the loving support of camp staff who share Jesus’ love with them.

Grant Paid in Full: ​ $5,000

Concordia Theological Seminary Food & Co-op Financial Assistance

Students and their families at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, are blessed to visit their Food and Clothing Co-op to help offset their financial needs. Often seminarians and their wives cannot find jobs to provide income for their families because they will only be in town for a short time. Being able to shop using a point system and volunteering at the Co-op provides these families with much-needed support during a time when they are being prepared for the ministry. This grant would provide roughly a month’s worth of fresh food purchases, which on average includes 600 pounds of ground beef; 300 gallons of milk; 175 dozen eggs; 250 packages of cheese; 3,500 pounds of fresh produce; and 200 bottles of 100% fruit juice.

Grant amount: $8,000

God Cares About You – “Children’s Weekend Food Bag Ministry”

In one of the most crime-ridden and poorest neighborhoods in Albuquerque, NM, several Lutheran churches have begun the God Cares About You Mission, which serves to provide children and their parents with clothes, school supplies, food, meals, a back to work program, Bible studies, worship services and counseling. The Mission is a safe space in a violent neighborhood for parents and children to gather. Ten (10) to thirty (30) children come from the neighborhood each week for Sunday School and VBS time together with Jesus. A new “Children’s Weekend Food Bag Ministry” would provide meals to these children who do not have reliable food sources for the weekend. This grant would help start this new ministry of the God Cares About You Mission.

Grant Paid in Full: ​ $8,000

Mercy Meals of Colorado Springs

Volunteers from Immanuel Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs and surrounding churches gather to assemble Mercy Meal bags that are shipped internationally by Orphan Grain Train to places like the war-torn Republic of Georgia. Each bag contains rice, soy, dried vegetables and nutrient-rich vegetable base powder. They package an average of 360 meal bags a week, with a cost of 13 cents per bag, and have at least 15 volunteers at work sessions. The Christian organizations that receive and distribute these Mercy Meals present the Gospel to those receiving the meals, providing the spiritual food that endures to eternal life. This grant would provide supplies for two shipments of Mercy Meals while more donors and volunteers are sought out to continue this life-giving ministry.

Grant amount: $5,000

Interns at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Navajo, NM

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Navajo, New Mexico, has been blessed by summer interns the past two summers and want to continue this ministry. Interns have participated with other volunteer teams from across the country to lead VBS, re-roof the parsonage, and hold sports camps. In 2019, 57 children participated in VBS – that’s 9 more than the previous summer. Without the leadership of interns and volunteers, those needy children would have missed out on this life-changing event. This year the intern program expanded to include Prison Ministry, where the interns witnessed to the inmates by sharing a devotion. This grant will help continue this important ministry.

Grant Paid in Full: ​ $9,000

Support for University Lutheran Chapel

University Lutheran Chapel (ulc) is a dedicated campus ministry at Colorado’s largest public university. ULC provides the witness and ministry of Jesus Christ in Word and Sacraments to the students, faculty and staff of Colorado University –Boulder. They offer Lutheran worship every week in which the forgiveness of sins through Word and Sacrament is distributed by Christ Jesus Himself. Unlike a traditional congregation, ULC cannot be self-sustaining given their mission status and a congregational makeup of students. ULC and the Rocky Mountain District are currently addressing part of the property whose fate is yet to be determined and ask for your prayers and support. This grant would cover witness and outreach events, advertising, Christian student fellowship events, teaching materials, and miscellaneous costs that arise necessary for doing ministry in this place.

Grant amount: $8,000

Introducing Muslims to the Savior — Lutheran Heritage Foundation

Lutheran Heritage Foundation (LHF) supports the mission of the LCMS – bringing Christ to the lost. Fifty countries in the world have a Muslim majority, and LHF is at work in 14 of them. However, because Arabic is spoken around the world, materials from LHF have the potential to reach into Islamic regions where there are few or no active Lutheran missions. These translations are also needed here in the United States. In addition to Bibles, pastors use other resources, such as Luther’s Small Catechism, hymnals, devotions, etc. to teach the Gospel. Many of these books only cost $5 to translate into languages like Arabic, Farah, Bahasa Indonesian, or Kazakh. This grant would help LHF supply pastors and missionaries with over 1,000 of these Lutheran books translated in the languages of our Christian Brothers and sisters around the world.

Grant amount: $5,000

Filling Haitian Tummies Open Ears to the Gospel – Trinity HOPE

Trinity HOPE was established in 1999 specifically to feed Haitian children in Lutheran schools in this impoverished country. Through efforts to become efficient in feeding these children, meal cost is estimated at $0.24 each. The Lutheran schools where these meals are provided teach the Good News of Christ not only to the children of the church members, but also to the other half of attendees whose homes practice Voodoo. It is estimated that 90% of those children hearing the Gospel message come to believe in Christ, as well as 60% of their parents. This grant would go to serve the children and families in Les Ceyes, Haiti.

Grant amount: $5,000

Bringing Christ’s Light to Those Living in Darkness — Lutheran Braille Workers

Lutheran Braille Workers is prayerfully requesting a grant to offset the costs within the Ministry Production Centers across the United States, to explore the opening of new Ministry Production Centers primarily within the Rocky Mountain District, and to assist with production costs nationally. These funds would help with the production of over 1,000 volumes of materials in Braille, Specialized Large Print and Audio formats, and will help thousands of people world-wide know about Jesus in a manner which serves their needs.

Grant amount: $8,000

The Table at Bethlehem Lakewood, CO

The Table ministers to the working poor and homeless in Lakewood, Colorado through the serving of a weekly meal, then followed with church services and Christian fellowship. Meals are served in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church commons area with church volunteers serving the meals and leading the services. There is no financial assistance and it is currently funded by attendees and donations. The approximately $150/week is becoming insufficient as attendance increases, and this grant would be used to purchase food for this ministry.

Grant amount: $5,000

Reaching the Hispanic Community of Commerce City, CO

Our Saviour Lutheran Church is in a community that is 82% Hispanic and 68% of the community’s population is Spanish-speaking. For 4 years the congregation in Commerce City, CO, has supported a Resource Center to serve the community and gain the trust of the people and is now ready to launch an outreach in Spanish to children and families. This grant would be used to host several community outreach events, to purchase translating equipment, and to buy books such as Lutheran Service Book, Portals of Prayer and Luther’s Small Catechism in Spanish. It would also serve to provide Spanish language instruction to leaders and instructors.

Grant Paid in Full: $7,996

LWML Global Bible Studies by Donna Pyle

Donna Pyle has written many Bible studies for the LWML, and now they are being translated into other languages. This grant would be used specifically to translate one portion of this Bible study series into Ukrainian to offer a Eurasian global media resource through WordUs Mission Society’s internet outreach. These studies would foster spiritual growth through Bible study for lay people throughout Eurasian Lutheran churches and communities to spread the Gospel, to learn sound doctrine, and to teach Christ-centered insights for life.

Grant Paid in Full: $3,964.28