LWML Rocky Mountain District Special Gifts Fund Information

Through a gift to the LWML RMD Special Gifts Endowment Fund, you can establish a legacy that will provide funds for our future work in God’s kingdom and help to train and equip the future leaders of LWML RMD. The principal amount will remain in the fund with only the interest earned used for projects and programs within the LWML RMD.

Contributions may be made as a memorial or to honor someone on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or to say thank you.

Make checks payable to: LWML RMD Special Gifts Endowment Fund and remit to the LWML RMD Treasurer.

LWML Rocky Mountain District Scholarship Fund

The LWML RMD Scholarship Endowment Fund has been established to generate funds to support those pursuing full time church work. This money goes into an account that will be drawn upon to pay for the scholarships given.

Anyone can make a contribution to the Endowment Fund. Gifts may be made “in memory” of someone, “in honor” of someone, or “to the Glory of God.” Any occasion can be remembered by a special gift. Be sure to include a note to the District Treasurer explaining whom you are honoring.

Make checks payable to: LWML RMD Scholarship Endowment Fund and remit to the LWML RMD Treasurer.

Joyful Response

Joyful Response is a free electronic service provided by the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF). It works just like giving mites by cash or check. You specify the frequency and amount of your contribution and it is tracked through the district for record keeping purposes.

Former Rocky Mountain District President, Carol von Soosten did this and says, “It is safe, easy, and now my mites don’t wait for a society gathering for me to put them in the mite box.” Anyone can participate. You don’t need to have an LCEF investment or be an LWML member.

Read more about Joyful Response at or contact RMD Treasurer Chris Bostron. Set up your mite gift today.

Joyful Response Enrollment Form

LWML RMD Expense Voucher

Save the LWML RMD Expense Voucher to your computer. Open in Adobe Acrobat Reader and fill out the form with your information and a digital signature. Please note that the first time you will need to add a digital ID. For any receipts, attach using the Comments Attachment Tool in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Save and send the form to get the proper approvals from your VP or Chairman via email, who will then submit the voucher to the LWML RMD President for approval.  The LWML RMD president will then submit the voucher to the LWML RMD Treasurer for payment which you will receive in the mail.