Photo: jéshoots | Pexels

Colorado University (CU) Boulder has a special place in my heart!  I remember the first time I drove to Boulder with my parents, seeing it nestled up against the Flatirons. I was smitten by its beauty and determined right then and there, that’s where I wanted to go to college. My husband, Darrell and I meet in a cafeteria at CU a few years later. Our daughter also graduated from CU. 

Even with all those fond memories, I realize that God’s words given to the Prophet Hosea are meant for all of us including our institutions of higher learning. Hosea warns in 4:3, my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge then continues in verse 14, a people without understanding come to ruin.  Lack of knowledge, how can that be?  CU Boulder boasts of five Nobel Laureates in Science! It is an oxymoron; many are experts in their fields but often without understanding because they leave the God of the Universe out of the equation.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:14, “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” University Lutheran Chapel (ULC) does not sit on a hill but it does have a prime location on CU’s campus, right across the street from Folsom Field, the football stadium. The cross of Christ is there for all to see!  

ULC combats this lack of spiritual knowledge by gathering for Divine Service, Bible studies, theology game nights, and other fellowship activities with Pastor Hayes, their full-time campus minister. They also reach out to new students at events like Involvement Fairs and to their friends. This year Pastor Hayes plans to include apologetics studies and answers to tough questions to their calendar of events.

Father, we humbly ask you to grant us knowledge and wisdom through your Holy Word.Please guide, direct and bless Pastor Hayes, the students, and ministry of University Lutheran Chapel in Boulder. Please bring many more students to the Chapel to hear the Good News.Through the power of the Holy Spirit keep our college students connected to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.We lay all these requests at your feet. Amen.

Written by Linda Harsh, Mission Grants Committee, 2019